Te Ara - New Library and Pool
Library - Swimming Pool - Study Centre - Form 7 Common Areas - Digital Technology - Classrooms

Our donors are wonderful people. We cannot thank you enough for supporting the young men and our teachers with your kind donations. Without you we wouldn't be able to provide the very best educational experience we can for our students. Preparing these young men to be the Grammar men of the future is what Grammar does best and we thank you for your belief in the Grammar Way.

Te Ara is the most vital, essential and transformative project Auckland Grammar School has undertaken in 50 years, and we thank you. 

Richard and Ruth Adams Mr B. G. and Mrs V. Coleman Mr D. R. and Mrs C. Hair Alan and Rina Kolnik
Mr A. M. Morris Dr R. J. Sorrenson
Mr M. and Mrs C. Ahearne
Coleman family
Mr R. O. Hall Mr S. S. Kong and Mrs K. C. Ng
Sir Ralph J. and Lady P. Norris
Mr C. R. Southward
Mr D. J. Alison Mr A. Commons
Greg and Helen Reidy
Sanjay and Shashi Kumar
Mr R. J. and Mrs R. Northey
Mr C. J. Sparling
Mr B. M. Allnutt
Mr A. and Mrs J. Connolly
Mr K. Hamilton
Mr S. J. P. Ladd and Mrs J. Davidson-Ladd
Mr T. G. and Mrs B. Nuthall
Mr N. W. and Mrs R. Speakman
Mr S. L. Anderson
Greg and Debbie Cook
Mr R. D. and Mrs K. Hamilton
Mr D. N. Lala
Dr P. J. O'Hara
Mr P. Speakman
D. R. Appleby
Graham Coop
Mr K. B. and Mrs P. Harper
Mr M. and Mrs S. Lala
Mr B. O'Leary and Ms E. Long
Mr G. M. Spong
Mr L. G. A. Baggott
Dr M. H. Cooper
Harris family Mr A. and Ms S. Lamont Mr J. J. O'Loghlen
Dr J. C. Stanley
Mr K. M. Barclay
Mr D. Copley
Mr C. F. Hart
Lamont family
Professor M. J. O'Sullivan
Stephan family
Mr C. and Mrs
P. L. Barfoot
Dr H. A. and Mrs A. J. Crawford
Mr G. and Mrs R. Hart
Mr P. D. and Mrs R. M. Lane
Mr I. C. Packwood
Dr X. Sun and Ms Y. Zhang
Mr G. Barfoot
Mr E. M. Crump and Mrs P. McLafferty
Dr R. H. Hart
Mr G. C. Latch
Dr C. W. E. and Mrs M. Palmer
Dr K. S. Tan
Mr A. Barkla
Dr R. G .Cutfield and Dr E. Segedin
Mr D. J. and Mrs G. Hawkesby
Dr T. Lau
Mrs R. and Mr J. Paris
Mr S. M. and Mrs E. Tanner
Dr M. J. and Mrs C. Barnes
Mr C. R. and Mrs J. L. Dargaville
Mr G. M. and Mrs S. A. Hawkins
Mr J. and Mrs A. Le Roux
Mr B. Park and Ms M. J. Shim
Mr D. J. Taylor
Mr J. D. Barnett
Mr P. A. D. Davies
Mr D. S. and Mrs J. K. Hay Veronica and Ross Lee
Mr R. J. C. and Mrs L. Partridge
Mr B. Ter Wal and Dr S. Mehta
Mr V. G. Bartley
Mr N. M. de Courcy
Mr T. J. M. Hay
Mrs D. Li
Adarsh and Darpan Patel
Peter and Fiona Thompson
Mr S. G. Barton
Mr D. and Mrs S.
De Penning
Mr N. G. Hays
Ms Q. Li and Mr C. Lin
Dr A. B. and Mrs C. Patrick
Mr D. and Mrs J. Thomson
Mr C. D. and Mrs P. J. Batts
Mrs C. and Mr D. Debenham
Headmaster's Council
Mr Y. Li and Mrs Q. Zhang
Dr R. W. and Mrs D. Peak Mr J. and Mrs A. Tierney
Phillip and Treacy Bell
Mr R. R. Dibble
Mr J. P. S. and Dr N. Heather
Ms B. Liang and Mr H. B. Duan
Dr B. G. Peat
C. and K. Tingey
Jeff Blackburn
Ms M. Dickie
Mr H. and Mrs G. Hidalgo
Mr D. C. Light
P. Wood and B. Phillips
Mr W. Tong
Mr M. G. Block
Mr J. G. Dodunski and Dr D. H. Nelson
Hiddleston family
Mr Z. C. Lin and Mrs S. R. Chen
Logan Platt
The Hon Justice K. Toogood and Ms P. Muir
Mr D. A. E. Blomfield
Mr P. Donovan
Ash and Charlotte Hill
Mr M. D. and Mrs K. Lines
Bruce Plested
Mr G. A. and Mrs V. Trethewey
Mr A. Blyth and Dr A. Catherwood
Dr R. G. Douglas
Mr Q. K. Hills
Adrian and Claire Littlewood
Mrs Y. and Mr J. Pondes
Mr R. G. and Mrs H. Trotman
Nigel and Nicki Boswell The Hon Sir R. O. and Lady G. J. Douglas
Hinton Foundation
Xianjun Liu family
Mr J. L. and Mrs L. Porus
Mr A. Valabh
David and Deidre Botting
Wilbur Dovey
Mr R. J. and Mrs S. Holden
Mr J. B. and Mrs J. G. Lockington
Dr R. and Mrs R. Potman
Mr M. J. and Mrs S. Valentine
Mr N. S. and Mrs S. Bowden
Matt and Jen Duder
Mr S. N. Holdsworth
Mr J. H. Lockington
Mr M. W. Poulsen
Mr A. Vincent and Ms L. Dorushkin
Mr S. D. and Mrs P. Bower
Mr K. Durairaj and Mrs. Y. Nagabhushanam
Mrs E. and Mr R. Holmes
Mr N. Lyne and Mrs F. Geary
Dr J. F. Puttick
Mr K. and Mrs K. Waetford
Ian, Kyoko and Alex Brahne
Mr J. Edgar
Mr D. R. Hook
Mr C. S. Lyon
Ms W. Qiao and Mr W. Hong
Dr N. H. Walker and Dr A. Andrews
Mr W. G. Bray
Mr M. and Mrs E. Eglinton
Mr H. D. Hooper
Mr D. A. Lyon
Mrs S. and Mr A. J. Rackham
Mr R. and Mrs J. Wall
Mrs V and Mr D Bridgeman
Mr A. J. G. Elton
Mr S. M. N. Hoy Fong
Maberly family - G. and C.
Mr K. A. Rae
Mr C. R. Walton
Reuben Broom
Mr J. Espie
Mr D. Huang and Ms W. Yao
Professor A. MacCormick
Mr A. W. Rainger and Mrs P. Hudson
Dr C. B. Watkins
Mr G. D. Brown
Mr T. D. Esterman
Mr K. B. and Mrs R. Huband
Mr V. J. and Mrs N. Magnusson
Peter and Barbara Raudkivi Mr L. P. B. Weir
Mr G. M. J. and Mrs C. Brown
Nigel and Jan Evans
Mr C. A. and Mrs J. A. Hunter
Sir Colin J. Maiden
Mr A. J. Reardon
Dr J. S. Wheeler and family
Mr S. M. and Mrs M. Brown
Mr R. I Falvey and Mrs F. Lea'aetoa
Miss S. M. Ingle and Mr G. A. Williams
Mr M. R. and Mrs N. Malpass
Mr D. I. Reddish
Lady Elisabeth Whineray
Dr C. and Mrs M. Buchanan
Niksha and Stella Farac
Mr A. J. Ingram
Mrs E. and Mr O. Mandisodza
Martyn Reesby
Whineray family
Bufton family
Mr J. H. B. and Mrs M. Farmiloe
Mr. J. R. Irwin
Mr S. T. Manning
Mr P. S. Rennie
Mr E. G. White
Mr P. W. and Mrs J. Burgess
Professor K. B. Farquhar
John and Pam Isaac
Mr R. Marx
Roger and Laurie Reynolds
Mr G. R. and Mrs P. E. White
Burridge family
Mr J. L. Fearon and Ms S. Anderson
Graham and Krissy Jackson
Mr C. and Mrs J. Mathias
Mr C. W. and Mrs J. M. Riley
Mr M. L. and Mrs R. Whittington
Mr R. D. G. and Mrs A. Burt
Findlow family
Jackson family
Mr D. A. McArthur
Mr E. L. and Mrs N. Robinson
John Wigglesworth
Barry and Eileen Burton
Mr M. J. and Mrs D. P. Fisher
P. Lamb and G. Jayaram
Mr P. McGuire
Mr R. Roche
Mr P. J. Wigglesworth
T. W. Burton and family
Mr P. and Mrs S. Fletcher
Mr A. Liang and Ms L. Tang
Mrs F. and Mr M. McKenzie
Sam and Shelly Ruha
Mr D. N. and Mrs J. Wiles
Mr T. G. Cameron
Ms C. P. Forbes
Mr C. B. and Mrs J. Jones
Ms C. Meechan
Mr B. and Mrs A. Russell
Mr G. and Mrs T. Williams
Mr S. D. Campbell
Mr B. W. C. Forster
Mrs F. Ju and Mr L. Chen
Dr S. C. and Mrs M. J. Merrilees
Mrs K. Russell-Smith and Mr B. Smith
Matt and Mandie Willis
Mr R. J. Cantwell
Dr C. P. and Mrs L. R. Fougere
Dr G. S. and Mrs C. Judd
Mrs Y. Miao and Mr J. Li
G. and M. Ryder
Cameron Wilson
Mrs A. Cao and Mr T. Bao
Foundation Trust
Mr H. G. and Mrs G. Kasper
Mr D. J. Millener
Sandelin family
Mr R. G Wilson
K. W. Hou family
Mr R. T. F. and Mrs W. Fyers
Mr P. W. Keenan
Scott and Jennie Milne
Mr D. E. Schnackenberg
Mr N. K. and Mrs P. A. Winter
Dr G. P. Carden
Ms D. Gao and Mr S. Lin
Mr J. N. Keesing
Jonathan and Juliette Milne
Mr P. M. Schweder
Mr R. J. Winthrop
Mr M. and Mrs J. Carolan
Mr. M. G. Garner
Ms F. A. Kelso and Mr. M. Heap
Dr D. N. and Dr K. E. Mistry
Mr T. and Mrs A. Scott
Selwyn and Lily Wong
Mr D. M. Carroll
Deborah and Ross George
Mr D. R. Kenny
Mr M. Mohan and Mrs J. J. M. J. David
Mrs V. and Mr M. J. Scott
Mr D. R. Worrall
Ron and Lewell Carter
Mr S. J. and Mrs C. Goldwater
Kensington family (Rowan, Sean and Hugh)
Mrs M. and Mr R. Mora Mr N. and Mrs S. Sethi
Mr J. B. F. and Mrs P. Worsfold
Mr R. E. and Mrs P. Cato
Mr. T. B. Goodfellow
Mr W. J. and Mrs R. Kermode
Mr J. Morris Mr D. B. Seymour

Ms B. Chen and Mr L. Xu
Goodfellow family
Mr M. L. and Mrs V. Khoo
Owen Morris '43 Mr S. and Mrs J. Shaw

ABF Chen family
Goodson and Perron family
Mr I. Kim and Mrs K. Um
Dr S. and Mrs Y. N. Moy Gerald Siddall

Mrs G. and Mr N. V. Chilluvuri
Mr R. S. Gordon
Ms J. King
Carl, Alexandra, Ferguson, Fletcher and Forrestor Muthu
Mr K. Siman and Mrs E. Tjoe

Mr M. and Mrs R. Chote
Ms V Gordon and Mr R. Mudaliar
Kirch family
Mr I. M. Narev Mr A. J. and Mrs S. Simpson

Mr P. and Mr C. Chrystall
Mr J. R. Gould
Professor A. C. and Mrs A. Kirkness
Mr H. J. Neil
Dr D. M. and Mrs L. Simpson

Mr P. F. Clapshaw
Mr G. R. Graham and Mrs L. Newman
W. John Kirkness
Dr K. A. Nelson
The Rev L. W. Simpson

Mr D. and Mrs J. Clark
Grassroots Trust
Dr R. D. and Mrs J. Kirkpatrick
Mr J. D. D. Neutze
The Rt Hon Sir A. L. Smith

Mr M. H. and Mrs M. C. Clark
Mr D. G. and Mrs D. Gribben
Mr J. C. and Mrs K. S. Klouwens
Newland family
Mr S. Smith and Ms. J. Bray

Scott Clark
Gunson family
Mr B. Knock
Dr G. I. and Mrs J. Nicholson
Mr J. C. B. Snowden

Mr D. P. and Mrs K. Cleal
Dr O. B. and Dr W. Hadden
Greg and Alison Knowles
Veronica Tam and Geof Nightingale
Mrs M. and Mr D. Sobr