Te Ara - The Pathway
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Our donors are wonderful people. We cannot thank you enough for supporting the young men and our teachers with your kind donations. Without you we wouldn’t be able to provide the very best educational experience we can for our students. Preparing these young men to be the Grammar men of the future is what Grammar does best and we thank you for your belief in the Grammar Way.

Te Ara Matauranga is the most vital, essential and transformative project, the School has undertaken in 50 years. We thank you. 

Burridge family T.W. Burton Family
Sir Ron and Lady Carter Mr C.R. and Mrs J. Dargaville
Mr C.W. Dovey Grant and Lisa Graham
Mr G. Reidy and Mrs H. Hall Reidy Mr M.T. and Mrs P. Hiddleston
Kirch Family Ms G. Jayaram and Mr P. Lamb
Mr A. and Mrs C. Littlewood Mr J.S. and Mrs J. Milne
Dr B.G. Peat Mr J.L. and Mrs L. Porus
Dr P.J. and Mrs B.A. Raudkivi Stephan Family
P J Thompson Mr M.J. and Mrs S. Valentine
UUNZ Institute of Business John Wigglesworth
Mr M. Yau and Mrs J. Huang NZ Community Trust
Mr D.R. Appleby Mr L.G.A. Baggott
Mr G. Barfoot Dr M.J. and Mrs C. Barnes
Mr V.G. Bartley Mr C.D. and Mrs P.J. Batts
Phillip and Treacy Bell David and Deidre Botting
Mr N.S. and Mrs S. Bowden Ian, Kyoko & Alex Brahne
Reuben Broom Mr G.D. Brown
K.W. Hou Family ABF Chen Family
Scott Clark Mr M.H. and Mrs M.C. Clark
Greg and Debbie Cook Graham Coop and Harold Coop
Dr M.H. Cooper Dr H.A. and Mrs A.J. Crawford
The Hon Sir R.O. Douglas Mr J. Espie
Robert Falvey Findlow Family
Mr P. and Mrs S. Fletcher Mr B.W.C. Forster
Deborah and Ross George Mr S.J. and Mrs C. Goldwater
Grassroots Trust Grant Family
Mr D.G. and Mrs D. Gribben Gunson family
Mr C.F. Hart Hinton Foundation
Mr H.D. Hooper Mr P. and Mrs S. Hucker
Mr H.G. and Mrs G. Kasper Mr J.N. Keesing
Mr D.R. Kenny Prof A.C. and Mrs A. Kirkness
Dr R.D. Kirkpatrick Alan and Rina Kolnik
Mr D.N. Lala Lamont Family
Mr A. and Mrs S. Lamont Ms B. Liang and Mr H.B. Duan
Xianjun Liu Family Mr J.H. Lockington
Mr D.A. and Mrs R. Lyon Mr V. and Mrs N. Magnusson
Sir Colin J Maiden Mr C. and Mrs J. Mathias
Mr D.A. McArthur Ms C. Meechan
Scott and Jennie Milne Owen Morris '43, in honour of
Mr B. O'Leary and Ms E. Long Mr I.C. and Mrs N. Packwood
Dr C.W.E. and Mrs M. Palmer Mr G.B. and Mrs M. Ryder
Sam and Shelley Ruha Mr D.B. Seymour
Sandelin Family The Rev L.W. Simpson
Mr S. and Mrs J. Shaw Storey Family
Mr S. Smith and Ms J. Bray Mr K. and Mrs K. Waetford
Mr A. Valabh Mr G.R. and Mrs P.E. White
Mr R. and Mrs J. Wall Mr D.N. and Mrs J. Wiles
Mr M.L. and Mrs R. Whittington Dr S. and Mrs L. Wong
Mr R.J. Winthrop Mrs B. Zhang and Mr X. Che
PLUS: 11 anonymous donors  Nigel and Jan Evans